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A film for the artists, dreamers, and romantics among us

"when you find something that you love this much, you should never let it go." -luke, artless 

What begins as a surreal romance between two artists turns to tragedy when the largest blackout in history threatens their relationship.

This is not Hollywood. There are no big explosions or fantastical wizards. This is a film about raw human emotion. It focuses on character and story. 

This is a film for the artists and dreamers among us. It's the story of a painter and a poet and the rise and fall of their delicate relationship. This film was made out of a desire to tell a love story that takes its audience through the spectrum of emotions. It’s a simple story about complex feelings and relationships.


birthing artless

When Director Jeremy Major first took his idea for Artless to his writing partner, Christena Hampson, he pitched it as a comedy about a musician in New York City. But when Major and Hampson went to NYC to finish the writing process, the story took a dark turn. 

It became a tragic love story about a painter and a poet. The writers were inspired by the many layers that make up NYC. For example, they were fascinated by the way old meets new throughout the city, and walking the streets one has a sense of the many dreams that are born and die there. It was something they wanted to capture in the script. 

They also felt it fitting to set the story at the time of the massive Eastern seaboard blackout of 2003, as a means to put the main characters’ ailing relationship through a test, if you will. The result is a deeply emotional story with some rather unexpected twists and turns.

They also decided to act in the film. Having previously performed together onstage, Major and Hampson play the lead roles of Luke and Holly in Artless. An experienced director, Major also helmed the film and composed the haunting musical score.

There are some things you just can't live without.


Hamilton Film Festival:
Best Cinematography Award
Best Film Nominee

Christena Hampson
Jeremy Major
Marcus Colby
Becki England

Written and Produced by
Jeremy Major &
Christena Hampson

Directed by
Jeremy Major

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The Music of Artless

Artless (Original Motion Picture Score) Composed by Jeremy Major
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Featured Songs from the Soundtrack

Tim Louis "Untrue"
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Tim Louis "Christmas in New York"
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